African Creative City

A Sustainability Urban Community Development Project

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The African Creative City is aiming to create a sustainable urban community that not only pioneers the development of sustainable smart cities in West Africa but also seeks to reconnect African descendants worldwide to their roots. Through the construction of buildings, infrastructure, and processes that reduce energy consumption, produce clean energy, balance emissions, and accelerate the transition to net zero, we aim to create a vibrant community that empowers sustainable development and embraces African culture.


In this vision, our strategic plans are designed to harness the significant market opportunity presented by the African diaspora consumers, whose consumption is projected to grow from $910 billion in 2019 to $1.7 trillion in 2030. The African Creative City initiative is strategically positioned to target the African diaspora market.  Our focus on sound policies and sophisticated infrastructures will be crucial elements in encouraging capital investments, entrepreneurship, and creating massive employment opportunities, ultimately driving transformation and sustainable growth.

Why Invest in Africal Creative City

Investing in African Creative City, a leading force in the net zero movement, offers a compelling opportunity amid Nigeria’s growing socio-economic and environmental challenges. This initiative promises profitable returns while contributing to societal development, projecting the creation of 100,000 temporary jobs and 5,000 permanent job opportunities. With Nigeria’s vast population and pressing issues, impact investments align with sustainable development goals, infrastructure development, and portfolio diversification, mitigating risk and enhancing stability.