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ForeMedia, established in December 2018, is a trailblazer in delivering top-notch Afro-centric entertainment worldwide. Our commitment lies in nurturing cultural and creative talent among African descendants and beyond. Our digital platform empowers creatives to study, produce, distribute, and monetize their work globally, connecting audiences with compelling films, music, podcasts, literature, and comedies. We envision a modern, secure space where Afrocentric storytellers and creatives engage, entertain, and educate a global audience.


The Afrocentric entertainment market is flourishing. Over-the-top (OTT) TV and video are expected to generate substantial revenue, with South Africa and Nigeria projected to reach $408 million and $223 million, respectively, by 2024.  Global streaming giants are forecasted to fuel 75% growth in Africa’s subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) market, reaching 3.4 million subscribers and generating $220 million in annual revenue by 2027. With the significant presence of foreign music-streaming platforms and the expanding audience, the Afrocentric entertainment industry is poised for remarkable global revenue growth.

Why Invest in Foremedia

Investing in ForeMedia Group presents a compelling opportunity in the thriving Afrocentric entertainment industry. The music streaming market in Africa is on a remarkable trajectory, with sales reaching US$372.80 million in 2023 and an 8.89% annual growth rate. By 2027, the market volume is projected to reach $524.10 million. Sub-Saharan Africa’s expanding working-age population, coupled with a burgeoning creative sector, positions the continent as a key hub for international storytelling and content creation. With nearly half of creators utilizing new platforms and technology, Africa offers a rich landscape for engaging, culturally diverse content with global appeal.