Grovesnor Energy

Empowering Lives, Lighting the Future Sustainably

Products and services

Grovesnor Energy is an expert provider of renewable energy services and solutions that tackles issues related to electricity and energy by enhancing community empowerment, environmental impact, accessibility, affordability, and renewable energy integration, as well as through innovation and research, strategic growth, and the promotion of clean and energy-efficient technology adoption. Grovesnor Energy is actively influencing people around Africa to have a more resilient and sustainable future by being dedicated to innovation, ethics, and environmental responsibility.


Nigeria faces a significant energy access deficit, with 92 million people lacking grid electricity, of whom 69% living in rural areas. Generators contribute over 74% of the country’s energy consumption. Leveraging abundant renewable resources, including hydropower, biomass, wind potential, and sunshine, Nigeria can meet its energy needs sustainably. Our focus involves providing affordable renewable energy, community empowerment, government contracts, research partnerships, and global strategic growth to improve lives and illuminate the future sustainably.

Why Invest in Grovesnor Energy

The Federal Government of Nigeria has identified projects linked to the nation’s renewable energy, with potential to create 840,000 jobs by 2060, primarily from renewable sources, and an investment opportunity of around $23 billion. Emphasizing the economic advantage, investing in renewable energy is projected to be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Leveraging untapped resources, such as through Grovesnor Energy, can provide sustainable energy, foster socioeconomic development, address climate change, and ensure energy security for the entire population.