NCDF Leadership

Hon. Hareter B. Oralusi

M.S., Chairman NCDF Group Plc & its Subsidiaries

Hareter B. Oralusi is a renowned visionary, serial entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He founded the Fatherland Global Corporation (2018), the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics (2014), and the Nigerian Capital Development Fund – NCDF Group Plc (2010). He is dedicated to spreading diversity by training deprived, disfranchised Black youths who express a creative talent within the Media, Marketing & Entertainment sphere. By providing inspiring education and mentoring, Oralusi can thus help to facilitate societal imbalance and kindle economic growth in regions such as Atlanta and New York City, which have a substantial number of disadvantaged Black youths.

Oralusi began his career as a social worker, after which he became Team Leader for the Rural Credit Agency in Austria, handling organizational and risk assessment of six regional rural credit operations and national programs. He was later given a high-level management position at Edwin Hareter's Financial Services in the U.K. In this corporation, he acquired significant knowledge in devising strategies to successfully create, grow and strengthen various financial institutions such as MFIs, credit bureaus, and commercial banks.

He then returned to Nigeria as a Senior Special Assistant to the Osun State Government (on Water Resources & Rural Development). After that, he became Deputy Secretary-General of the Nigerian Labour Cooperative Society. Further, in 2014, in line with his vision for the Development & Empowerment of the people and community, he contested for the office of Governor for Osun State.

Oralusi is currently the Chairman of the Governing Board of the renowned London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics. He holds a Diploma and Master of Science (MSC) in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development from the highly accredited PEF (Private University of Management), Vienna, Austria.

Oralusi's extensive experience in a broad spectrum of sectors, including Social Finance, Education, Digital Telecommunications, Agriculture, Real Estate, and Travel, has enormously shaped the successful Nigerian Capital Development Fund. Moreover, his vast experience in both private and public sectors has put him in good stead to effectively pilot the affairs of the ForeMedia Group and its subsidiaries. He speaks fluent English, German, and Yoruba (one of the two main languages spoken in Nigeria).