How We Invest

A Distinctive Strategy for Holistic Impact

Explore the distinctive investment strategy that sets the NCDFGroup apart from the conventional.

Balancing Financial Viability with Social and Environmental Impact

Our approach goes beyond the pursuit of financial returns; it seeks to strike a delicate balance between financial viability and a profound impact on society and the environment.

How will the NCDFGroup Invest?

The organisation will methodically identify, cultivate, and evaluate investment opportunities through the following means:

– Proactively sourcing investment opportunities via the bank’s networks and broader ecosystem.

-Thoroughly assessing and appraising investment prospects using a rigorous investment appraisal process aligned with industry best practices.

– Making investments with suitable terms and conditions and anticipated returns in accordance with the risk profile of each investment and the market.

-Vigilantly managing individual investments and the investment portfolio to safeguard invested capital and optimize both financial and impact returns.

Direct Investment

The NCDFGroup  will engage in both equity and debt investments based on the specific requirements of each opportunity. Each investment will be tailored to the unique needs of the individual business or project. Additionally, the NCDFGroup will endeavour to attract additional capital to co-invest alongside the public funds it has been allocated.

Indirect Investment

The NCDFGroup  will leverage its private sector capital by investing in public sector funds that align with its missions. By allocating a portion of its private sector capital to public sector funds and making direct investments from launch, the NCDFGroup  aims to maximize its impact on the Africa sustainable development and expedite the achievement of its missions.

At NCDFGroup, investment is not just about profit; it's about contributing to a sustainable and prosperous Africa.