Bridging Communities, Empowering Lives

Products and services

KontoCredit, a fintech and telecommunication company, empowers low-income families, farmers, artisans, traders, and students through innovative financial products and services. It facilitates credit building, enables purchasing on credit through agency finance, and ensures access to financial services, improved telecommunications, empowerment, and community inclusivity. The company’s offerings encompass technology connectivity solutions, e-commerce, mobile credit, Agritech, community social impact, public-private collaborations, employment platforms, and meaningful engagement mechanisms.

Market Opportunity

Nigeria dominates Africa’s largest ICT market, with over 82% of telecom customers and 29% internet usage. Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to expand rapidly, with a 4.6% CAGR and 167 million new subscribers in five years, with Nigeria contributing over 55%. The NCC projects 206 million voice lines and 85 million broadband subscriptions by June 2022, with an estimated $2.99 billion revenue in 2024, growing at 12.85% annually. Microfone targets these opportunities to address issues such as limited access to human capital, capital, internet, Agritech infrastructure, e-commerce, technology literacy, privacy, security, and trust, affecting over 58% of Nigerians.

Why Invest in KontoCredit

Nigeria, with a population exceeding 200 million, serves as Africa’s largest market and a hub for innovation and technological growth. It dominates the continent’s ICT market and hosts one of the “big four” startup ecosystems. The dynamic economic landscape presents numerous investment opportunities, with over $2 billion raised by technology companies between January 2015 and August 2022. Nigeria’s e-commerce industry, the continent’s largest, is projected to reach $75 billion by 2025, while the agritech market is expected to grow to $43.5 billion by 2027. KontoCredit offers investors a chance to impact society significantly and provides appealing investment prospects.