Our People & Culture

NCDFGroup  is committed to Fair Work principles and is dedicated to refining its policies and procedures for fair and equal opportunities in all aspects of employment, including remuneration, recruitment, and training. Creating an empowering environment for the team to deliver effectively is pivotal to the company’s success and will remain a top priority


NCDFGroup is deeply committed to championing equality for all as a model and influencer. The company’s Equality Strategy, to be unveiled in the initial year of the business plan period, outlines NCDFGroup’s dedication to enhancing equality through its employment practices, and investment activities, and by encouraging its associates to focus on improving diversity and equality within their operations.

Making strides to.....

NCDFGroup is prioritizing the implementation of its Equality Strategy and achieving equality outcomes during the business plan period. This includes:

– Cultivating partnerships with experts to bring insights and best practices to NCDFGroup.

– Monitoring progress and continuously improving practices based on gained insights.

– Evaluating the company’s employment practices for opportunities for enhancement.

– Maintaining alignment of the company’s employment practices with the principles of Fair Work.

Investing in Our Team

In the inaugural year of the business plan period, NCDFGroup  will persist in fostering a high-performing and engaging culture to drive excellence by:

1. Defining clear objectives as per the business plan and providing training on effective performance management to its people managers.
2. channels to foster transparency and inclusion, integrating core values and behaviours into recruitment, performance, and reward practices, and assessing the company’s culture health through Team Voice channels. 

The company remains dedicated to devising initiatives ensuring a diverse range of talents with requisite skills, capability, and support to attain its aims.