Shaping Positive Change

The NCDFGroup's Objectives

As a mission impact investor, the NCDF Group is committed to not only generating commercial returns on its investments but also ensuring that its investments yield positive social, environmental, and economic impacts in alignment with the fulfilment of the NCDF’s missions.

Purpose, Vision and Strategy


Our vision is to lead transformative investments that yield financial, social, and environmental benefits.


Our mission is to identify promising business opportunities and build on them to create a sustainable, profitable, and world-class enterprise that brings positive economic and social impact.

Risk Management

Robust risk management strategy integrates financial, environmental, and social factors to maximize positive outcomes responsibly.

Corporate Governance

Effective corporate governance facilitates our company in advancing proficient and accountable decision-making. It enables us to uphold transparency, accountability, trustworthy and fairness.

Embracing Our Mission

As a company driven by impact, we are deeply committed to our mission, guiding every decision and action we take.

Strategic Investments

We pledge to channel capital into our businesses that foster sustainable growth and prosperity across the continent.

Financial Stewardship

Our focus extends to managing costs within budget and building portfolio companies concentrated on mission-aligned investments. This approach aims to generate sustainable income, propelling the companies towards financial self-sustainability.

Impact Assessment and Reporting

The NCDFGroup is dedicated to establishing a world-class impact assessment and reporting framework. This will serve as evidence of our tangible contribution to our missions, amplifying positive influence where we work

Nurturing a Purpose-Driven Culture

We strive to attract exceptional talent that shares our commitment to mission-aligned investment. Together, we’ll cultivate a culture centred around our missions, fostering an environment in which our people can thrive.

Ecosystem Engagement

We are eager to engage and educate various stakeholders in the ecosystem, deepening their understanding of our ambitious mission and purpose. This collaborative approach will magnify a positive impact across the continent.

Enhancing Governance and Mitigating Risk

In striving to assume a pivotal role within the economic landscape, NCDFGroup needs to cultivate trust within its ecosystem. Upholding an exceptional standard of governance is fundamental in cementing NCDF’s standing as a credible and risk-aware organization. At the heart of our venture and development capital company operations, we earnestly recognize the critical importance of risk, governance, and compliance frameworks.

Giving Back to Our Communities

At NCDFGroup, community is at the heart of everything we do. Through purposeful partnerships, active involvement, and dedicated support, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us. Our charitable endeavours focus on education, entrepreneurship, social mobility, and diversity, aiming to empower and uplift our communities for a brighter future.

Find NCDFGroup Social Enterprises

London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics

London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics(LSSE) is a pioneering institution dedicated to transforming education and fostering change agents. With a focus on sustainable business practices, LSSE offers a dynamic learning environment where students gain practical skills and diverse perspectives. Our mission is to empower individuals to lead as innovators and advocates for a sustainable future.

Fatherland Foundation

The Fatherland Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting African culture, faith, and traditional values worldwide. Through cultural initiatives and educational programs, we strive to strengthen communities and cultivate cultural resilience. Our commitment to arts, crafts, media, and design fosters a vibrant African culture in the United States and beyond, promoting equity, well-being, and cultural participation.

Fortune Entrepreneur

The Fortune Entrepreneur Accelerator, created by the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics, empowers entrepreneurs through start-up education, capital access, networking, and mentorship. It serves as an accelerator, guiding entrepreneurs in business fundamentals, securing capital, building connections, and exploring markets.