NCDFGroup has been fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hareter Oralusi

Born in Ibadan, Nigeria, in 1971, Hareter Oralusi embarked on a remarkable educational journey that began in his hometown. Even from a young age, he showed immense promise and potential. While excelling academically, he also revealed his entrepreneurial spirit by founding a small business and establishing a junior football club at the tender age of 16. Driven by his thirst for knowledge and personal growth, Hareter ventured to Vienna, Austria, to pursue higher education. There, he delved into the study of Theology and later earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development from the prestigious PEF Private University of Management. Hareter's journey is a shining example of unwavering determination and a relentless ambition to succeed. A true testament to this is his pivotal role in establishing the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF) in 2010. Approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the NCDF has become a beacon of support for the country's developmental objectives. Through this institution, Hareter mobilizes resources and fosters partnerships to drive sustainable development in Nigeria, catalyzing impactful initiatives that contribute substantially to the nation's overall progress. Hareter's visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to creating social impact have led him to establish renowned institutions such as the London School of Social Enterprise and Sustainable Economics, NCDF Group Plc, and the Fatherland Foundation in the United States. These organizations revolve around his core principles of fostering cultural and economic growth, empowering communities, and driving impactful change. Hareter Oralusi's unwavering commitment to making a difference and driving social and economic progress has left a lasting impact on the world.

Chief Financial Officer

Otega Owumi

Otega Owumi embodies seasoned financial leadership, with over 20 years of expertise spanning diverse industries. As Chief Financial Officer at ForeMedia Group, she oversees financial operations, strategic planning, and risk management with finesse. Prior to her tenure at ForeMedia, Otega honed her skills during her time at American Express Services Europe Limited, as well as her roles at Union Bank, Oceanic Bank, and United Bank of Africa, contributing significantly to her financial acumen. What sets Otega apart is her versatile skill set, seamlessly integrating project management, change management, risk management, quality assurance, compliance, and operations. Armed with this comprehensive toolkit, she tackles challenges from a holistic perspective, infusing innovation into business strategies by leveraging insights from various industries. Otega's adeptness in navigating complex business landscapes is a testament to her multifaceted expertise and interdisciplinary knowledge. Her subtle yet impactful leadership style drives meaningful change across sectors, positioning her as a driving force for success in any endeavour.

Director of Legal & Compliance Officer

Nicholas John Connell

Nicholas John Connell cross-qualified as a lawyer in South Africa and the UK and holds an MBA from Imperial. As a Co-Founder and CEO of Rubus Group since 2011, he plays a key role in a team offering research and intelligence-led risk and legal management consultancy services. The role involves developing and executing strategies during periods of elevated risk. Additionally, as the Co-Founder and a Director of FES Financial engineering Solutions Ltd, he supports the commercialisation of innovative insurance solutions. Although no longer a practicing solicitor, with a career spanning legal, risk management, and entrepreneurial endeavour, Nicholas brings broad experience and valuable insights to diverse sectors.

Director of Business Operations & Strategy

Russell Fisher

Russell Fisher, a seasoned sales leader and consultant, boasts a 30-year track record transforming businesses for fast and predictable growth. He guides organizations through coaching, consultancy, and sales transformation across diverse industries. A certified International Coaching Federation coach and non-executive board member, Russell excels in crafting sales playbooks and go-to-market models, driving sustainable sales expansion. Passionate about clear communication and strategic problem-solving, he mentors sales leaders, fostering customer and talent retention. Russell's multifaceted expertise extends to board memberships, strategic advising, and successful leadership in varied sectors.

Director of Impact & ESG

Cliff Southcombe

Cliff Southcombe, as the Managing Director of Social Enterprise International Ltd, has been a transformative leader in advancing the concept of social enterprise across diverse regions spanning Europe, Asia, and Africa for the past two decades. With an unwavering dedication to ethical governance and driving social impact, Cliff oversees a dynamic team of 20 experts situated across key strategic locations in Europe, South America, and Asia. Through his strategic vision and collaborative efforts, Cliff has successfully cultivated active Social Licences with like-minded international companies, fostering meaningful partnerships that amplify the reach and impact of social enterprise initiatives worldwide. Additionally, he has emerged as a prominent advocate and influencer within the FairShares movement, championing principles of fairness, equity, and sustainability within the global social enterprise ecosystem. Originating from India and now based in the UK, Cliff's early involvement in the Social Enterprise movement during the 1990s in the UK underscores his pioneering spirit and enduring legacy in shaping the trajectory of social entrepreneurship on a global scale.

Non - Executive Director

Dr. Charles Idowu Ademilua

Dr. Charles Idowu Ademilua is a versatile doctor with multiple board certifications, currently seeking a new general practitioner role. With a background spanning diverse medical environments and roles, including emergency care, community medicine, and hospital administration, Dr. Ademilua brings a wealth of experience to any medical setting. His career highlights include serving as a member of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 in Nigeria and holding positions as a director, senior adviser, and general practitioner in various locations across the globe. Dr. Ademilua's dedication to making a meaningful impact in healthcare is evident through his commitment to addressing critical health issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and his involvement in community-based initiatives. His educational background includes a Doctor of Medicine from the University of Vienna and ongoing Ph.D. studies in Psychodynamics, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. Fluent in English, Yoruba, and German, Dr. Ademilua is equipped to provide compassionate and effective care to diverse patient populations while making a positive difference in healthcare outcomes.

Non - Executive Director

Ignacio IƱaki Gil

Ignacio Gil, a Spanish-born entrepreneur, has dedicated 19 years to founding successful ventures in Finance, Wealth Management, and Multifamily Office in the U.S. He expanded into Hospitality and Real Estate in the Caribbean and Spain. With an MBA in Finance and coaching certification, Ignacio is driven to enhance personal and professional lives, emphasizing a new paradigm of life and business. His vision is to spread awareness globally for healthier business cultures and life balance. Fluent in Spanish and English, Ignacio is a compassionate leader who has volunteered in palliative care, demonstrating empathy and social commitment.

Chief Admin Officer

Riza Ocampo Guerina

Riza Ocampo Guerina brings an impressive 18-year career in HR, characterized by her steadfast leadership in Recruitment, HR Operations, Business Partnering, and Learning and Development on an international scale. Riza guides global workforce management with a visionary approach. Her tenure with renowned international corporations, key players in their industries, has humbly positioned her as a transformative leader in Chief Executive Administration. Her roles have earned recognition for her genuine client engagement, strategic HR management, and innovative methodologies, all of which resonate across cultures and regions. Beyond her strategic purview, Riza's operations and administration experience, foster a culture of continuous growth and professional enrichment worldwide. Renowned for her operational efficiency, she gracefully streamlines processes ensuring seamless operations across diverse international landscapes. In every capacity, her goal is to leave a lasting impact on the organizations she collaborates with, both domestically and internationally.

Chief Operating Officer

Iresh Kumar

With over 13 years of experience, Iresh Kumar has been at the forefront of transformative initiatives across the globe. His journey has been marked by pioneering efforts in Industrial Decarbonization, Corporate Sustainability, Environment Sustainability & Social Impact strategic planning and executing initiatives aimed at slashing carbon emissions within industrial setups. Among his proudest achievements is the founding and leadership of a pioneering Social Enterprise in Laos PDR, specializing in the conversion of food waste to energy. His professional journey has taken him across Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Ethiopia & Dubai, providing him with a richly diverse perspective and invaluable global experience. Iresh implemented the Share Wealth business model promoting sustainable solutions while working in Social Enterprise Consulting with a diverse clientele. With an MBA complementing his Engineering degree, Iresh possesses comprehensive proficiencies in Sustainability, Climate Change Initiatives, ESG practices, Project Management, Operations Management, Waste to Energy, Net Zero methodologies, CSR implementation, Corporate Sustainability strategies, and Social Entrepreneurship. Iresh is more than just a sustainability advocate; he's a catalyst for innovation.

Chief Programmes Officer

Tolu Oralusi

Tolu Oralusi is an experienced Programme Manager adept at orchestrating multiple portfolios spanning various industries including Media & Entertainment, Aerospace & Defence, Software & Platforms, and Hi-tech. Noteworthy among major accounts are leading companies like major social media platforms, a prominent aerospace corporation, a renowned broadcasting network, a global e-commerce giant, a software solutions provider, and an extensive roster of Fortune 500 clients. Known for driving improvement across Resource, Finance, Sales & Pipeline management, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance space to ensure seamless operations and successful deliveries. Proficient in Agile and waterfall delivery methodologies, excels in steering teams, managing stakeholders, and effectively communicating at the C-suite level. Demonstrates a consistent commitment to optimizing processes, effective requirement management fostering innovation, and achieving unparalleled results in complex, multi-industry landscapes. Adept in blending functional expertise with a comprehensive array of technology and tooling proficiencies, delivering impactful projects across diverse platforms, tools, and systems. Additionally, has facilitated management, leadership, and project management conferences and workshops, engaging esteemed senior leadership and top executives over the past 5 years.

Advisory and Supervisor, Finance

Tim Alguire

Tim Alguire is a seasoned financial executive with over 20 years of experience across various industries, including technology, transportation, medical technology, distribution, and manufacturing. Known for his expertise in financial management, Tim specializes in restructuring, M&A transactions, capital markets, and compliance. With a CPA designation and deep knowledge of GAAP compliance and tax regulations, Tim is skilled in audit management, internal controls, and treasury management. He is committed to mentoring and developing staff, fostering a culture of excellence within organizations. Tim's passion for leveraging technology and innovative solutions to drive growth and create value for stakeholders underscores his strategic leadership approach. A collaborative and effective communicator, Tim excels in building strong relationships and driving results in dynamic environments.


Omobola Oyeneyin

An accomplished and dynamic PMO professional with over 12 years experience in supporting large multinational organizations in the delivery of digital and infrastructure transformation projects across private and public sectors in Africa and United Kingdom. Proven track record in providing Quality Assurance, Governance and excelling in driving results and delivering successful outcomes. Expertise include the development and implementation of PMO framework, project management delivery standards, financial management, resource planning, creation of comprehensive project plans and roadmaps, and consulting with senior leadership to ensure project alignment with overall business strategy. Skills span a wide range of project management (industry) tools and technologies, including G-Suite, Microsoft applications, AWS, Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, ServiceNow and Salesforce. She brings a wealth of knowledge in PMO practices, technology, and strategic planning, making Omobola a valuable asset to our organization.


Carl Goran Dandanell

Carl Goran Dandanell is an experienced Investment Committee and Board of Directors Member with a demonstrated history of working in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Start-ups, Corporate Finance, Renewable Energy, and Strategic Planning, Carl has a proven track record in navigating diverse sectors. Holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Accounting and Finance, he brings a strong financial acumen to his roles. Currently serving as the Chairman of the Board for a renewable energy company and another company, and the independent member of the investment committee for a European infrastructure fund, Carl has a proven track record in leadership roles. With significant experience in various positions, including Vice Chairman, Vice President, and Director, Carl has contributed to the growth and success of companies in the renewable energy sector. His commitment to sustainable investments is evident in his role as an Independent member of the investment committee, focusing on infrastructure assets in specific regions. Carl's wealth of experience and strategic approach makes him a valuable asset in the investment landscape.


Sebastian Winter

Sebastian is a business growth and M&A expert specializing in industrial tech, agrifood tech, and smart cities. With a background in research, advisory, and investment, he excels in deep-diving into industries, advising senior executives, and executing investment transactions. Currently focused on unlocking capital for regenerative agriculture, Sebastian leverages his family's background and industry experience to identify opportunities and drive capital into areas like financing new agricultural models, agricultural technology, infrastructure innovation, and emerging market initiatives for RegenAg. Beyond his work in regenerative agriculture, Sebastian actively collaborates with international investors, organizing impactful industrial and agrifood tech pitch events. As an experienced public speaker, Sebastian is open to engaging in various speaking opportunities, bringing his wealth of expertise to diverse audiences.


Rishi Gohill

Rishi Gohill is a versatile and commercially astute Strategy Consultant and Change Programme Manager with over 19 years of experience in financial services, spanning sales and trading, corporate investment banking, equity/derivatives/rates/structured trading desks, and Hedge Fund businesses. Known for top-level stakeholder management and engagement, with a focus on promoting business cases, facilitating management decision-making, and presenting optimal paths to delivery, translating business requirements into tangible project deliverables. A background in Mathematics, applying this analytical skillset to drive business strategy and growth planning.

Advisory Board

James Norwood

James Norwood is an Executive Leader with over 23 years of experience in military and commercial leadership, spanning sectors like Maritime, Defence, Renewables, Energy, and Infrastructure. Holding an LLM, MBA, Management Diploma, GCGL, and BSc, James is recognized for transforming businesses, leading international teams, and achieving substantial revenue and profit growth. His competencies include board-level strategy, transformation, commercial management, P&L operations, tech innovation, and more. James' notable contributions include restructuring an AIM-listed PLC, leading corporate social responsibility initiatives, securing significant sales contracts, and successfully executing business transformations. His recent roles involve leadership in tech consultancy, management consultancy, and CEO positions in construction and housing technology companies. James brings a wealth of experience in defense, security, and environmental sustainability, making him a valuable asset to organizations seeking growth and development at both tactical and strategic levels.

Advisory Board

George Abraham

George Abraham is an internationally experienced professional with a diverse background spanning business, consultancy, and non-profit sectors. Born in East Africa and educated across Africa, India, and the USA, George brings a global perspective and diplomatic skills to his work. With degrees in business from Banaras Hindu University and the University of Georgia, his early career involved financial consultancy in London and sales leadership in Dubai. George's extensive involvement includes roles in education, health, and training collaborations globally, with a focus on fostering partnerships between industry, government, and educational institutions. Noteworthy achievements include leading projects such as international nursing programs, vocational skills training, and collaborations in waste-to-energy and cybersecurity domains. He currently serves on advisory boards for organizations such as the Nigeria Capital Development Fund and the China-UK TVET Alliance, driving global engagement initiatives. George's recent engagements include speaking at international conferences, contributing to skill development programs, and facilitating collaborations in vocational education and training across continents. His expertise and commitment to fostering partnerships have made him a valuable asset in addressing complex challenges on a global scale.

Advisory Board

Dr. Raveem Ismail

Dr. Raveem Ismail, DPhil, MSc, MPhys (Oxon), MInstP, is a highly accomplished (re)insurance executive with a distinguished career marked by leadership roles, strategic vision, and innovation. With a relentless pursuit of intellectual capital, Raveem brings invaluable expertise as a chief executive, board member, specialty/treaty underwriter, model creator, and startup/team builder. His singular priority is to engage in absorptive work with exceptional individuals on stimulating challenges within the industry. Raveem's approach is characterized by accessibility, aiming to foster new ideas and opportunities while navigating the necessary political landscape to deliver value at the forefront. His extensive experience includes pioneering initiatives such as the creation of parametric insurance portfolios and the development of award-winning products. Raveem's contributions span various domains, from operations and business development to analytics and risk management, underlining his versatility and deep understanding of the (re)insurance landscape. He holds a Doctorate in Atmospheric Physics, complemented by postgraduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Oxford. Raveem's interests extend beyond his professional domain, encompassing a diverse range of pursuits such as history, political economy, and heraldry, reflecting his multifaceted nature and insatiable curiosity.

Advisory board

Sherri Davis-Garner

Sherri Davis-Garner is a seasoned executive with a diverse background in both profit and not-for-profit sectors, excelling in strategic planning, leadership development, community relations, and civic engagement. With an impressive career spanning various industries, Sherri has demonstrated her ability to drive impactful change and deliver results. Her tenure at AARP, where she held various leadership roles and achieved significant legislative victories, underscores her leadership prowess and commitment to making a difference. Sherri's passion for developing leaders led her to earn certifications in Executive Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University and Professional Coaching from the International Coaching Federation, enhancing her ability to empower individuals and teams. Additionally, her dedication to community service, demonstrated through volunteer work with organizations like Girl Scouts of America and contributions to improving health disparities in Haiti, reflects her values of giving back and making a meaningful impact. With a strong educational foundation including degrees from Marquette University and St. Louis University, along with certifications from prestigious institutions, Sherri combines expertise with a genuine passion for fostering positive change.

Advisory board

Alia Ali

Alia Ali is an accomplished Global General Counsel / COO with a proven track record in legal strategy and transformative leadership. Adept at navigating complex, multinational transactions, she excels in compliance, risk management, and M&A across various industries. With expertise in project management, GDPR, and people leadership, Alia has successfully rescued client relationships and improved resource visibility for global companies. Her career spans key roles, including Global General Counsel and COO, Founder, and Interim General Counsel. Alia holds legal qualifications, executive coaching certifications, and boasts recommendations for her professionalism and client-centric approach.

advisory board

Cleopas Chiyangwa

Cleopas Chiyangwa, an accomplished PMO professional, brings over 15 years of experience from reputable organizations, including PWC, Deloitte, and UniCredit SPA. With a strong background in Risk Assurance, Financial Modelling, CFO Support Services, and more, Cleopas has excelled in delivering successful outcomes and driving improved business performance. Holding an MBA in Banking and Finance, an MBA in Global Business & Sustainability, and a BCom in Business Management, Cleopas is a subject expert contributor for Performance Audit. Notable achievements include leading financial and economic feasibility assessments, establishing internal audit units, and facilitating strategic planning sessions. Currently, Cleopas serves as an Audit & Consulting Senior, demonstrating expertise in financial audits, internal controls, risk assessment, and consulting services. The extensive work history also includes roles at Impela Consulting, where Cleopas contributed to organizational development, financial modeling, and strategic planning for various clients. Cleopas is well-versed in skills such as CaseWare, TeamMate, Munisoft, Sebata, QuickBooks, corporate strategic planning, financial modeling, assurance, audit, contract management, and more.