Governance and Structure

Governance at NCDFGroup

Governance at NCDFGroup is a paramount aspect that ensures effective decision-making, transparency, and integrity in our operations. As a development and investment institution, we are governed by a robust framework that integrates public and corporate governance principles, aligning with our commitment to responsible and impactful investing.

Organisation Structure

The NCDF Group's structure play a pivotal role in guiding our strategic direction and decisions. Our structure consists of four legal entities:


Nigerian Capital Development Fund

This mission entity is registered as a Limited by Guarantee and represents a core part of our commitment to sustainable development in Nigeria.


NCDF Group Plc

As the public trading entity, this component of our structure reflects our dedication to transparency and accountability in our operations.


NCDF Investment Management Limited

This entity serves as the fund management arm, ensuring effective deployment of resources and adherence to investment objectives.


NCDF Projects Manager Limited

NCDF Projects Manager is entrusted with the vital responsibility of overseeing and managing all developmental projects undertaken by the NCDF Group across Nigeria.

Statutory Bodies

Our statutory bodies are entrusted with the responsibility for strategic decisions and effective management of the NCDFGroup. These bodies include:


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides the NCDFGroup's leadership team with guidance on the organisation vision, impact, innovation, risk management, and profitability.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors holds the responsibility for the strategic management of the NCDFGroup, guiding our long-term vision and mission.


Management Committee

In charge of the day-to-day management, the Management Committee ensures the efficient operational implementation of our strategic initiatives.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee plays a critical role in verifying the integrity and compliance of our operations, ensuring adherence to best practices and regulatory standards.

Control and Evaluation

Control and evaluation mechanisms are integral to maintaining the integrity and soundness of our operations. At NCDFGroup, we uphold rigorous control and evaluation measures, including:




Climate Risk Assessment

External Auditors

Financial Control

Internal Audit

Internal Control


In addition to our internal controls, we also collaborate with independent control bodies, aligning with our commitment to transparency and accountability in our operations.

Organisational Structure

The organisational structure of NCDFGroup is designed to facilitate effective decision-making, operational efficiency, and strategic implementation. Our structure comprises multidisciplinary teams within Directorates and Departments, which are responsible for preparing and executing the decisions of the NCDFGroup's management.

Aligning values with action

At NCDFGroup, our reflect and structure are aligned with our core values of responsible and inclusive business practices, ensuring that every decision and action reflects our commitment to sustainable impact and growth.