Development and investment institution's commitment to accountability

At NCDFGroup, we uphold a strong sense of accountability to our partners, clients, and communities as we pursue our development objectives in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Our approach involves working closely with the public and private sectors to generate markets and employment opportunities in Nigeria, with a keen focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Our approach

NCDFGroup is dedicated to delivering on a series of accountability and transparency reforms, including responding to the External Review on our environmental and social accountability. We have approved a new Policy for the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), emphasising a predictable and transparent complaints process, with a focus on community outcomes and stakeholder involvement.

Efforts are also underway to enhance our overall approach to environmental and social risk management, including improving due diligence and supervision systems, strengthening grievance responsiveness, and developing solutions for stakeholders impacted by our projects.

Independent accountability mechanisms

Our work is evaluated by two independent accountability mechanisms: - The Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) - The Independent Evaluation Group

Stakeholder engagement & response

We believe that engagement with stakeholders is crucial to delivering results. Through regular consultations and partnerships with civil society organisations and the private sector, we maintain an ongoing feedback loop on key sustainability issues.


Transparency and accountability are fundamental to our development mandate. We disclose information about our projects, including environmental and social review summaries, through our disclosure portal. We are committed to enhancing transparency around our Blended Finance tools.


We believe in learning from experience and gathering feedback from stakeholders to continually improve our procedures and guidance based on operational experience and engagement with partners.