Empowering communities with affordable housing through housing associations and cooperative societies. 

This innovative project aims to empower communities in Nigeria to effectively adapt to the challenges posed by climate change while leveraging the potential of microfinance. By utilizing community-based micro-finance banks, we seek to drive sustainable development and build resilience at the grassroots level.


The Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDFGroup) is proud to present its latest initiative, "Creating a Home for All." This program aims to address the critical issue of affordable housing in Nigeria by leveraging the power of Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies. Through this innovative approach, we seek to empower communities, promote social equity, and provide sustainable housing solutions for all Nigerians.


1. Affordable Housing: The primary objective of "Creating a Home for All" is to make quality housing affordable and accessible to individuals and families across Nigeria. We aim to break the barriers that prevent many from owning a home and create opportunities for socio-economic advancement.

2. Community Empowerment: We believe in the strength of communities coming together to create positive change. By promoting Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies, we empower communities to take control of their housing needs, fostering a sense of ownership, and promoting social cohesion.

3. Sustainable Development: Our program is designed with sustainable development principles at its core. We prioritize environmentally friendly housing solutions, such as energy-efficient designs, renewable energy integration, and sustainable building materials, to minimise the ecological impact of housing projects.

Program Features

1. Capacity Building: We provide comprehensive training and capacity-building programs for Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to develop, manage, and sustain affordable housing projects. This includes financial management, project planning, legal compliance, and community engagement.

2. Access to Financing: Through our sustainable financial products, we facilitate access to affordable financing options for housing projects. We offer tailored financial products and services, including low-interest loans, grants, and mortgage facilities, to support the development and construction of affordable housing units.

3. Technical Assistance: Our team of experts provides technical assistance throughout the housing project lifecycle. We offer guidance in site selection, architectural designs, construction management, quality control, and post-construction maintenance, ensuring that projects meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

4. Policy Advocacy: We actively engage with policymakers and stakeholders to advocate for favourable policies and regulations that support affordable housing initiatives. By influencing policy frameworks, we aim to create an enabling environment for the growth and sustainability of Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies in Nigeria.

Program Impact

1. Increased Homeownership: "Creating a Home for All" will enable more Nigerians to realize their dream of owning a home. By providing affordable housing options, we empower individuals and families to build equity, stability, and a better future for themselves and future generations.

2. Community Development: Through the establishment of Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies, communities will have a platform to actively participate in decision-making processes and contribute to the development of their neighbourhoods. This fosters a sense of belonging, social cohesion, and community pride.

3. Sustainable Communities: Our program promotes environmentally conscious housing solutions, contributing to the overall sustainability of communities. By integrating energy-efficient technologies and sustainable practices, we reduce carbon footprints, conserve resources, and create healthier living environments.

Expected Outcome 

The NCDFGroup's "Creating a Home for All" program represents our unwavering commitment to addressing the affordable housing crisis in Nigeria. By harnessing the potential of Housing Associations and Cooperative Societies, we aim to empower communities, promote social equity, and create sustainable housing solutions for all Nigerians. 

Together, let us build a future where every individual has access to safe, affordable, and dignified housing, creating vibrant and resilient communities across Nigeria.