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NCDFHOMES is dedicated to providing sustainable, high-quality housing solutions through innovative homeownership initiatives methods, cost-effectiveness, and community development. It develops affordable housing and offers accessible financing, empowering low-income homebuyers. Committed to zero-emission sites, climate-friendly materials, and renewable energy, NCDFHOMES aligns with global sustainability goals. Innovating with smart technologies and energy efficiency prioritizes sustainability and occupant well-being while focusing on affordable homeownership through innovative, cost-effective construction methods.


Nigeria’s population of over 200 million faces a housing deficit of 16 million units, surpassing the existing national housing stock by fourfold. Despite government policies and programs, the current housing stock fails to meet 77% of the country’s housing needs, leading to substandard living conditions. The potential mortgage market is estimated at nearly Naira 53 trillion, highlighting untapped opportunities. Leveraging private sector resources and foreign investment is crucial to address the deficit.

Why Invest in NCDFHOMES

The Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria reports housing deficits of 28 million units as of January 2023. This means that the country needs at least 28 million housing units to meet population needs. An estimated N21 trillion is necessary to create housing units to bridge the deficit with over 38 million Nigerians who are fully financially excluded from housing financing services. To prevent a nationwide epidemic of homelessness by the end of 2024, investing with NCDF HOME provides not only financial benefits but also, and potentially more importantly, a positive social perspective, market expansion, long-term stability, diversification, and collaboration with the government to address the housing crisis.