NCDF Homes Limited

NCDF Homes Limited stands as a pioneering model, promoting sustainable and affordable housing through innovative design concepts, cost-effective construction methods, and high-quality standards. By delivering affordable, quality homes, the company is committed to making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and families across Nigeria.

Expected Impact

Our affordable housing initiative in Nigeria aims to have a profound impact by addressing the pressing need for accessible and quality housing. By providing affordable, high-quality homes, we seek to uplift communities, improve living standards, and contribute to the overall development of the country. 

This initiative will create a positive ripple effect, empowering individuals and families by offering them a stable and secure living environment. Additionally, our efforts will contribute to the growth of local economies, foster community cohesion, and promote sustainable urban development. 

Ultimately, our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many while laying the foundation for a brighter, more inclusive future in Nigeria.

Statement of Need

The demand for affordable housing in Nigeria has reached a critical point, with a significant segment of the population facing housing challenges. The current housing crises highlight the pressing need for accessible and affordable housing solutions. 

Many individuals and families struggle to find adequate and cost-effective housing, leading to overcrowding, inadequate living conditions, and financial strain. Addressing this need is essential for fostering community stability, economic growth, and social well-being. 

By providing affordable housing options, we aim to alleviate this burden, offering a pathway to improved living standards and a more sustainable future for all Nigerians.


In September 2012, NCDF and The Federal Ministry of Housing, Nigeria, entered a Public-Private Partnership Agreement to deliver affordable social housing at the Federal Housing Estate, Kuje. The project, completed in 2016, provided 30 units of 3 and 2-bedroom bungalows, achieving a 50% reduction in construction costs.

In 2012, NCDF completed the FCT-VIO Housing project, delivering a 3-storey multi-family building with 24 units of 2 and 3-bedroom apartments in Abuja.

In February 2013, NCDF partnered with the Imo State Government to develop 500 units of low-income housing estate, with the state allocating 30 hectares of land for the project.

Similarly, in May 2013, the Benue State Government entered a Public-Private Partnership Agreement with NCDF, donating 100 hectares of land for the construction of 500 affordable housing units.

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