Press Release

NCDFGroup to play a key role in COP28, emphasizing its dedication to global climate action.

The Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDFGroup) proudly announces its active participation in the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28), reinforcing its dedication to sustainable development and global climate resilience.

As a frontrunner in championing economic growth and environmental stewardship, (NCDFGroup) stands poised to contribute significantly to COP28's overarching mission of advancing international climate efforts. With a focus on leveraging financial innovation and strategic investments, (NCDFGroup) aims to shape discussions, facilitate partnerships, and foster initiatives that address the urgent challenges posed by climate change.

Key Highlights of (NCDFGroup) COP28 Participation:

Mr. Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, President of (NCDFGroup), expressed enthusiasm about the organization's participation in COP28, stating, "The Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDFGroup) is committed to fostering a sustainable and resilient future. Our active involvement in COP28 reflects our dedication to addressing the global climate crisis through strategic investments, innovative solutions, and collaborative partnerships."

(NCDFGroup) invites stakeholders, global leaders, and the public to join in the dialogue and collective action at COP28, as together we strive towards a more sustainable and equitable world.