Press Release

NCDFGroup reveals Global Advisory Board, opens London office for global initiatives.

In a momentous leap towards elevating its global influence in the sphere of sustainable capital development, the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDFGroup) proudly announces the establishment of its highly anticipated Global Advisory Board. Simultaneously, the organization is set to solidify its international presence with the inauguration of an office in London, underscoring a commitment to fostering worldwide collaborations and innovations.

Global Advisory Board: A Collective Force of Visionaries

Comprising a formidable assembly of international thought leaders, industry titans, and visionaries, the (NCDFGroup) Global Advisory Board stands as a testament to the organization's dedication to diverse perspectives and unparalleled expertise. With luminaries drawn from finance, technology, sustainable development, and international relations, the Board is poised to shape and steer (NCDFGroup) trajectory towards becoming a preeminent force in global capital development.

Mr. Hareter Babatunde Oralusi, the dynamic CEO/Chairperson of the (NCDFGroup), expressed profound optimism for this historic moment, stating, "The creation of the Global Advisory Board and the establishment of our London office mark a transformative juncture for the (NCDFGroup). We firmly believe that a confluence of global insights is imperative for orchestrating impactful and sustainable capital development initiatives. The Advisory Board members, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, will play a pivotal role in shaping our strategies for the future."

Commitment to Sustainable Development on a Global Scale

Aligned with global initiatives such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the (NCDFGroup) is poised to address pressing challenges on an international scale. With a strategic focus on education, healthcare, infrastructure, and technology, the organization aims to create lasting positive impact by leveraging the expertise and network of its Global Advisory Board.

London Office: Catalyst for Global Collaboration

The inauguration of the London office serves as a pivotal milestone for the (NCDF Group) global operations. Positioned as a hub for international partnerships, collaborations, and knowledge exchange, the London office will facilitate seamless interaction with global stakeholders, ensuring that the (NCDFGroup) remains at the forefront of innovation in the global discourse on capital development.

About the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDFGroup):

The (NCDFGroup) is a pioneering organization dedicated to catalyzing sustainable capital development in Nigeria and beyond. Rooted in principles of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility, the (NCDFGroup) seeks to generate a positive and enduring impact on communities through strategic investments across key sectors.