Powering the Future: The clean energy access programme

The NCDFGroup Clean Energy Access Programme is a groundbreaking initiative designed to address the pressing need for sustainable and accessible energy resources in Nigeria. With millions of Nigerians lacking access to affordable and reliable energy, including electricity, our program is committed to promoting renewable energy projects that not only provide clean energy solutions but also drive sustainable development, combat climate change, and enhance energy access for all. 


Promoting renewable energy projects

The core objective of the NCDFGroup Clean Energy Access Programme is to support and promote renewable energy projects across Nigeria. We believe that harnessing the power of renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydroelectricity is crucial in ensuring a sustainable and secure energy future for the country. Through strategic partnerships and collaborations with enterprises in the clean energy sector, we aim to accelerate the adoption and implementation of renewable energy solutions at both the community and national levels.


Enterprise support

We provide comprehensive support to renewable energy enterprises, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and social enterprises. Through capacity building, mentorship, and market linkages, we empower these enterprises to develop, scale, and sustain their clean energy projects. By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, we contribute to the growth of the clean energy sector in Nigeria.


Technical assistance

Our program partners with leading technical experts and organizations to provide robust technical assistance to clean energy projects. This includes feasibility studies, project design, engineering support, and quality assurance. By ensuring the technical viability and reliability of renewable energy projects, we enhance their long-term success and impact.


Green finance

Access to finance is a critical challenge for clean energy projects. To address this, the NCDFGroup Clean Energy Access Programme collaborates with financial institutions to provide green financing options tailored to the needs of renewable energy enterprises. Through innovative financial mechanisms, such as green loans, grants, and investment funds, we enable the mobilisation of capital for clean energy projects, driving their implementation and expansion.

Together, let us Power the Future

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