Tinubu Social Guarantee

The TSG Impact bond

The NCDF Green Solutions Bond is designed to finance businesses and projects that facilitate the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient, and sustainable economy while delivering clear environmental sustainability benefits. The bond's use of proceeds is directed towards eligible sectors, as defined within the NCDF Green Solutions Bond Framework. Any financing provided to businesses or projects that do not meet the defined criteria will not be considered a use of proceeds under this framework.

The TSG Impact bond framework is aligned with the Social Bond Principles (SBP) and emphasizes transparency, disclosure, and reporting to ensure socially responsible financing.

Social bond proceeds, allocated to UN SDG-Aligned social innovation projects for sustainable cities and communities

The use of proceeds from the Social Bond will be directed towards eligible Social Innovation projects aligned with the UN SDG, emphasizing Sustainable Cities and Communities. These projects will include investments in the digital economy, education and training, youth and women empowerment, food security, climate-related health emergencies, and financial inclusion.

Project evaluation and selection oversight and reporting framework

The evaluation and selection of eligible projects will be overseen by TSG Impact Bond's specialist team, with independent review by NCDF Investment Management. The Social Bond Working Committee will ensure compliance with the framework. Reporting will include annual disclosure of qualifying projects, allocation, and unallocated proceeds, as well as the anticipated or estimated social impact of the eligible projects. External review by an expert ESG and independent third-party verification will confirm alignment with the framework and responsible investment practices.

Overall, the NCDF Group's Social Bond aims to empower communities, drive social impact, and promote sustainable and responsible investment practices in Nigeria.