Sustainable Investment and Development Services at NCDFGroup


Sustainable Development through ESG-Focused Initiatives

The NCDFGroup, Nigeria's leading investment institution, is committed to leveraging capital markets for societal betterment. Their focus on ESG factors—environmental, social, and governance—drives a mission to contribute to a resilient planet, inclusive economy, and sustainable value for stakeholders. Key initiatives include connecting clients to sustainable investing, partnering with educational institutions like LSSE, and aligning efforts with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Investment Approach

Prioritizing social, environmental, cultural, and economic impact

The Sustainable Strategy of NCDFGroup revolves around investing in enterprises that positively impact social, environmental, cultural, and economic aspects. They prioritize sustainability over mere profitability, linking investors with ventures contributing to positive environmental impacts, cultural growth, social enhancement, and economic development.

Their Sustainable Approach assesses investments based on their potential for sustainable change, viability, and societal support, emphasizing impact, risk, and return. This approach aims to ensure impactful, risk-resilient, and financially sound investments for sustainable change.


NCDFGroup's sustainable Investment Philosophy

The Business Principles of NCDFGroup dictate a positive approach to investment, exclusively backing organizations contributing to a sustainable society. They apply stringent criteria and standards, ensuring investments benefit communities culturally, socially, economically, and environmentally.

Their commitment to combating climate change is notable, with a focus on achieving net-zero emissions in Nigeria and supporting climate projects through investments. NCDFGroup aims to allocate a substantial portion of their portfolios to climate initiatives over the next five years, aligning their strategy with the Paris Agreement for resilient growth.

The Green and Social Bonds Framework, a crucial aspect, is designed to attract funding for environmentally and socially impactful investments. Aligned with Green Bond Principles (GBP) and Social Bond Principles (SBP), this framework ensures transparent criteria for project evaluation, proceeds management, and reporting. It allows the issuance of Green Bonds and Social Bonds to support the transition to a low-carbon economy while delivering positive social benefits.

In essence, NCDFGroup's dedication to sustainability, their multifaceted approach to investments, and their focus on combating climate change through initiatives and frameworks position them as a key player in Nigeria's sustainable development and beyond.

NCDF Green Solutions Bond

The NCDF Green Solutions Bond funds ventures supporting a low-carbon economy and environmental sustainability. Proceeds are channelled based on defined sectors in the Green Solutions Bond Framework for clear impact.

Tinubu Social Guarantee

TSG Impact Bond

NCDFGroup's Social Bond supports marginalized Nigerian communities, focusing on women, youth, and low-income groups lacking vital services like healthcare and infrastructure. This investment promotes positive social impact, aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals.