Who We Are

The NCDFGroup is an impact investor focused on emerging markets. The NCDFGroup acts as a strategic umbrella for a diverse range of emerging ventures, encompassing Finance, Affordable Housing and Renewable Energy, Entertainment and Media, and Mobility, AI and Technology sectors. Our aim is to establish financially viable businesses that solve social and environmental problems.

Our Transformation

Empowering Voices: Fostering Inclusivity and Equity

Digital financial technology accelerating financial inclusion

Leveraging Technology and AI for Sustainable Development

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Navigating Our Path: Unveiling Lucrative Market Horizons

Our journey started in 1998 with Transatlantic Exchange and Travel Insurance Services. In 2010 our founder, Hareter Babatunde Oralusi obtained approval to establish the Nigerian Capital Development Fund (NCDF), fostering impactful community investments. In 2018, NCDFGroup was established in the United Kingdom with an initial focus on Entertainment and Media. Our market opportunities are edge. In 2050, Africa’s population will surpass India and China combined. The rapid urbanization and a burgeoning middle class, vast opportunities emerge, with consumer spending forecasted to hit $1.4 trillion in three years and business-to-business spending reaching $3.5 trillion in eight years. The African Diaspora purchasing power in the US and Europe is over $2.0 trillion.

Our impact companies are the champions

Our success is founded on the exceptional performance of each entity within our group. Explore what distinguishes them and makes their achievements truly remarkable.

ForeMedia Group Limited

Uniting the World with the Vibrant Spirit of Africa

ForeMedia is your go-to destination for dynamic Afrocentric entertainment and media. By passionately crafting and distributing original content, we celebrate the vibrancy of African culture and heritage. Our blend of state-of-the-art technology and artistic innovation brings captivating live TV and studio creations to life. ForeMedia showcases the soul of Africa, empowering creators and spotlighting diverse perspectives, delivering unforgettable, immersive experiences

Konto Financial Technology Nigeria Limited

Empowering Nigeria's Future with Inclusive Financial Innovation

KontoMoney is at the forefront of transforming Nigeria’s financial landscape. We provide equitable access to secure, innovative, and user-friendly financial services that empower individuals and communities. Our accessible and affordable products foster economic prosperity and resilience for all. By championing financial inclusion, KontoMoney leads the way in making financial opportunities available to everyone in Nigeria, regardless of their background

Tuloh Internation Limited UK

Empowering skilled communities through Training, Mobility & Recruitment for Financial Strength

Tuloh International is a leading force in revolutionizing careers and workplaces worldwide. We empower individuals to reach their full potential while fostering dynamic, inclusive, and innovative work environments that drive sustainable growth. Our exceptional training, recruitment, and mobility services connect skilled professionals with opportunities, helping companies build resilient, diverse, and high-performing team with a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.

NCDF Green Homes & Energy Limited

Empowering Nigeria's Future with Green Living and Energy Independence

NCDFCoop leads the way in illuminating Nigeria’s future with eco-conscious innovation in housing and renewable energy. Our mission is to design, build, and promote green homes and renewable energy solutions that empower communities to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve energy independence. Through partnerships and projects, we offer affordable, sustainable housing and energy solutions that drive development and support Nigeria’s transition to a greener, cleaner future.

Konto Finance House Limited (Home Finance)

Company location: Nigeria

At Home Finance, our journey begins with listening. We prioritize understanding our clients’ financial dreams, hurdles, and ambitions. This client-centric ethos allows us to craft tailored solutions that precisely match their needs. With a diverse array of financial products including home loans, car financing, energy project funding, and home renovation loans, we ensure our clients find everything they need under our roof. Flexibility is our hallmark. We recognize that financial circumstances can shift, so we provide adaptable terms, repayment options, and loan structures to meet changing needs.

NCDF Group Plc (Microfinance Banking)

Company location: Nigeria

NCDF Microfinance Bank plc, where we break barriers and build futures. As trailblazers in financial inclusivity, we provide access to essential financial services for underserved populations. Through microloans and credit facilities, we empower entrepreneurs to turn dreams into reality. Our mission extends beyond profits, as we actively alleviate poverty by enabling investments in income-generating activities. Championing women’s empowerment and gender equality, we pave the way for a more equitable society. At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to community development and resilience, fostering growth from within.

Our People and Culture

Our impact investing company’s culture revolves around the importance of our people and communities. We collaborate with exceptional leaders across all levels of our organisation, essential in driving our progress. Discover what makes NCDF Group UK an invigorating and rewarding workplace.

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